Astro Photography Workshop

Experience the night sky with us.

Aurora Australis at Nimmons Bridge Ballarat with purple and green hues and satellites overhead
The Church of the Good Shepherd with the Milky Way rising behind it in Tekapo

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary Astro Photography Workshop, set against the captivating backdrop of the night sky near Ballarat. Our region boasts pristine dark skies, offering an unparalleled canvas for capturing the celestial wonders that surround us.<br>

Join us for an enlightening exploration of the cosmos, where you’ll discover the enchanting sights that await in a dark sky area. Our seasoned instructors will not only unveil the splendor of the celestial realm but also provide comprehensive guidance on mastering your camera settings for stunning astro photography.<br>

Experience the thrill of capturing celestial phenomena firsthand as you learn to harness the full potential of your camera under expert guidance.<br>

Embark on a transformative journey through the art of astro photography in one of Victoria’s premier destinations. Secure your spot today and unlock the secrets of the night sky with our immersive Astro Photography Workshop. Book now or contact our team for more information. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your astro photography skills in Ballarat!

Milky Way core at night with shadow detail
Aurora over the Great Ocean Road with the Milky Way core and bioluminescence on the Ocean shore
Simmons Bridge trestle bridge at night with the Milky Way core rising behind it
Meet at Delacombe Town Centre

The class meets at Delacombe Town Centre to begin our astro photography workshop out to a dark sky area for the best night sky viewing.

Arrive at Nimmons Bridge

Check out the old railway trestle bridge and reserve in a dark sky area, just outside of Ballarat. As we setup, we will explain exposure and using your camera in manual mode when shooting at night.


Learn how to control the focus of your care in low light and make shooting the night sky a breeze.

Time to shoot

Spend the time shooting the night sky and make the most of the dark sky area. With options to shoot Nimmons Bridge, the Milky Way and other celestial beings we are lucky to see in the Southern Hemisphere.

Head back to Ballarat

Sit back and relax and enjoy the drive back to Ballarat through the countryside.

Arrive back

Finish up the astro photography workshop back at Delacombe Town Centre and walk away with the skills to continue shooting the night sky yourself.

Secure your spot in our workshops, available for booking in either group settings or private one-on-one sessions. The only additional costs you might incur are related to food, drinks, and accommodation, but worry not – we’re more than willing to assist in organising and offering advice throughout your journey.

In alignment with our commitment to mirroring the authentic landscape photography process, we maintain a flexible approach to our itinerary, adapting to the ever-changing weather conditions. We strive to optimise the workshop experience by tailoring our plans as close to the day as possible. While we might not have everything set in stone until the last minute, rest assured that this flexibility ensures the best possible shooting conditions.

Should weather conditions prove challenging and impossible to navigate, we’ll reschedule the workshop for the next available date. Don’t be discouraged by a little rain or wind – these elements can often contribute to the creation of breathtaking moody photography, especially along the rugged beauty of coastal landscapes.

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