Processing Photos Workshop

Learn to process and do your photos justice.​

Large wave on the Great Ocean Road during a winter storm
Mount Talbot reflected in a still body of water and framed by two other mountains at sunrise

Join us and learn the skill of photo processing, enhancing the detail of your photography while keeping the natural and real elements . When you take a photo on a digital camera it records all of the information from the dark shadows to the light highlights, with all the colours and details in between. These can’t be displayed immediately in a file and need to be brought back out in the photo via image processing.

When you take a photo on a phone as a jpeg for instance the device automatically applies processing to do this for you. Shooting in Raw gives you the ability to control this yourself. We can teach you the skills required to get the best from your images and teach you the most effective ways to save your imagery.

Aerial shot of Queenstown during blue hour with the city lit up and the remarkable mountains behind
Whiskey bay at sunset with a river flowing into the ocean and coastal plants and trees framing the photo
Mt Cook in the distance with the hooker river flowing down and alpine flowers and plants
Join us online

Jump online from the comfort of your own home via Google Meet. We'll begin with a quick intro and initial setup of your computer to get into processing.


Learn about using Lightroom and Photoshop and the basics of why they are essential to the photography workflow.

Exposure and light

Start the processing with understanding exposure and light to enhance your photos and how to use it effectively and correctly.


Understand the importance of colour in processing and why it's required when working with RAW file types.

Editing types

Learn the difference between global and local edits and how to use them.


Use tools such as curves to add contrast where necessary to your images.


Learn the all-important techniques to remove blemishes and dust spots from your images.


There's no point processing without knowing what to do at the end. Learn how to finalise your image and export it correctly.


Learn how to finish off your image ready to be printed so you can display it how it's meant to be viewed.

Wrap up

Wrap up with a quick Q&A to finish off the class.


End of the session and the online class!

Secure your spot in our workshops, available for booking in either group settings or private one-on-one sessions. The only additional costs you might incur are related to food, drinks, and accommodation, but worry not – we’re more than willing to assist in organising and offering advice throughout your journey.

In alignment with our commitment to mirroring the authentic landscape photography process, we maintain a flexible approach to our itinerary, adapting to the ever-changing weather conditions. We strive to optimise the workshop experience by tailoring our plans as close to the day as possible. While we might not have everything set in stone until the last minute, rest assured that this flexibility ensures the best possible shooting conditions.

Should weather conditions prove challenging and impossible to navigate, we’ll reschedule the workshop for the next available date. Don’t be discouraged by a little rain or wind – these elements can often contribute to the creation of breathtaking moody photography, especially along the rugged beauty of coastal landscapes.

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