Beginner Photography Workshop

Start your photography journey with our beginner workshop in Ballarat.

Emma from the Click Collective teaching a student and his son on a beginner workshop in Ballarat

Join The Click Collective team in an easy to understand, inclusive photography workshop designed specifically for beginners. We focus on the intro to shooting in manual mode (No it’s not that scary! Promise!) through to composition techniques and ways to combat common issues that may pop as well. Finishing up with a staff critique on the images captured through out session and helpful tips and recommendations. This is the best way to gain confidence and start enjoying photography with a friendly team supporting you.

Boatsheds at Lake Wendouree during an orange sunrise surrounded by a large tree
4 Cygnets follow a swan in golden light at Lake Wendouree
Meet at Lake Wendouree

The class meets outside of Pipers at the lake. We start with a quick introduction and move into the initial setup of your camera and gear.


Our first item on the agenda is learning about exposure and how to work your camera in manual mode. Join us with simple, easy to understand techniques to master your gear.

Exposure Practice

Put into practice your newly learned knowledge and get started with using your camera in manual mode yourself with guided assistance.


Jump into learning about composition techniques to frame up your shot.

Composition Practice

Once you've learned these techniques have some time to use the natural scenery around Lake Wendouree to put your new skills to the test.

Wrap up

We'll gather up and go over what we've learned, with a quick Q&A and finish up the session.

Head Home

The class ends back at Pipers at the lake with your newly learned photography skills at hand.

Secure your spot in our workshops, available for booking in either group settings or private one-on-one sessions. The only additional costs you might incur are related to food, drinks, and accommodation, but worry not – we’re more than willing to assist in organising and offering advice throughout your journey.

In alignment with our commitment to mirroring the authentic landscape photography process, we maintain a flexible approach to our itinerary, adapting to the ever-changing weather conditions. We strive to optimise the workshop experience by tailoring our plans as close to the day as possible. While we might not have everything set in stone until the last minute, rest assured that this flexibility ensures the best possible shooting conditions.

Should weather conditions prove challenging and impossible to navigate, we’ll reschedule the workshop for the next available date. Don’t be discouraged by a little rain or wind – these elements can often contribute to the creation of breathtaking moody photography, especially along the rugged beauty of coastal landscapes.

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