Grampians Photography Workshop

Join us in the Grampians for a very special photography workshop.

Sunrise at Mount Abrupt in the Grampians with Gumtrees framing and large boulders
Panoramic view from Reeds Lookout at sunset with gum tree lined mountain ridges

The Grampians is one of our favourite places to go and take photographs. It has a hugely diverse offering from mountainous areas, flowing waterfalls to stunning sunset vistas. Join us on a special experience to visit all that the Grampians has to offer the keen photographer.

Mount William in the Grampians looking towards Redmans Bluff with Gum trees in the foreground
Sunset at Reeds lookout with yellow golden light towards mountain tops
Black Cockatoo sits in a gum tree in the Otways National Park
Pickup from Ballarat

Leaving from Ballarat at the train station begin our journey towards the Mountains. Feel free to bring your gear, and make use of the fridge on board for snacks and drinks.

Waterfall Stop

Our first stop will be at Ferntree Falls. Nestled in the Mount Bangor State park amongst gums and messmates. A short walk through the forest opens up to the waterfall to learn some long exposure photography.

Halls Gap nature

We'll head on to Halls Gap and stop off with a few known spots to see local wildlife. Grab out the telephoto lens and we will hopefully spot kangaroos, emus, cockatoos and kookaburras.


Stop off in town for some lunch at the local eateries. With plenty of bakeries and cafes to choose from. Be sure to grab some of the local fudge - you can't come to Halls Gap without taking some home (if it lasts that long!)

Waterfall Walk

Take a walk through the bush in the Grampians to one of the lesser known waterfalls of the area. Keep an eye out for native wildlife and plants, including orchids. Perfect for photography.

Boroka Lookout

We'll head on up the mountains and see what the Grampians are famous for. The lookout has views over Halls Gap. Photography points include the Serra ranges and the granite peaks and the wider flats of Western Victoria.

Reeds Lookout

The second alpine lookout has views over the West of the Grampians with vistas all of the way down to the southern tip of Dunkeld. Perfect for the afternoon with the sun dropping into the Victoria valley.

Heading home

Jump back in the car and relax as we head back to Ballarat. Keep an eye out for for the sights of the Grampians as we leave and the numerous wildlife.

Arrive in Ballarat

Arrive back in Ballarat with your newly learned photography skills to continue your photography journey!

Secure your spot in our workshops, available for booking in either group settings or private one-on-one sessions. The only additional costs you might incur are related to food, drinks, and accommodation, but worry not – we’re more than willing to assist in organising and offering advice throughout your journey.

In alignment with our commitment to mirroring the authentic landscape photography process, we maintain a flexible approach to our itinerary, adapting to the ever-changing weather conditions. We strive to optimise the workshop experience by tailoring our plans as close to the day as possible. While we might not have everything set in stone until the last minute, rest assured that this flexibility ensures the best possible shooting conditions.

Should weather conditions prove challenging and impossible to navigate, we’ll reschedule the workshop for the next available date. Don’t be discouraged by a little rain or wind – these elements can often contribute to the creation of breathtaking moody photography, especially along the rugged beauty of coastal landscapes.

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