Posing for the perfect portrait.
Corporate portrait photograph of a business woman in front of a neutral background


Creating flattering portrait photographs is about more than just posing; it’s about fostering comfort and confidence in front of the camera. At The Click Collective Ballarat, we prioritise creating a relaxed atmosphere where individuals can shine. Here’s how we achieve it:

  • Building rapport: We take the time to connect with our clients, getting to know them and building trust. This connection helps them feel comfortable and allows their true selves to emerge during the session.
  • Encouraging good posture: Posture is key to a flattering portrait. We guide our subjects to stand tall or sit up straight, which not only enhances their appearance but also boosts their confidence.
  • Adjusting body positioning: Angling the body slightly away from the camera can create a more dynamic and flattering composition. This technique minimizes any perceived size differences and adds visual interest to the photo.
  • Capturing genuine expressions: Authenticity is essential in portrait photography. Instead of forcing smiles, we encourage natural expressions by creating a relaxed environment and prompting genuine emotions.
  • Incorporating props and surroundings: Props and elements from the environment can add personality and depth to the portrait. Whether it’s incorporating meaningful objects or using the surroundings creatively, these elements enrich the storytelling aspect of the photograph.

By focusing on these key principles, we ensure that our clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the portrait session. Our goal at Click Collective Ballarat is to capture the essence of each individual, celebrating their unique beauty and personality in every photograph.

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