Why join a Beginner Photography Workshop?
Lake Manapouri with mountains in the distance and cabbage trees in the foreground


We all started our photography journey somewhere. I don’t believe I’ve ever come across a photographer who didn’t get their first DSLR bundle, take it out in auto mode and shoot the first thing that was on their doorstep, wondering why the pictures didn’t look like they belonged in a magazine. From there on the second shoot, they would always go out straight into manual mode and be overwhelmed with the complicated settings, terminology and data on the back of the camera. Don’t worry if this is you right now, or you’ve been there. If you haven’t, we’d be surprised. We’ve all done it.

There are an endless supply of online material for learning how to use your camera. From Youtube videos, online courses to month long courses you ca take in person. We’ve tried them all and for us, they just didn’t quite give us the tools we needed to get into the photography game. It wasn’t until much later on that we stumbled across something else – workshops.

Workshops are a short, practical way of learning. We love to teach the exact methods that we use for our photography. There are no secrets kept or industry know-how hidden when we teach. We find that this way our participants can learn the most in a short period of time with hands on experience.

Whilst on a Beginner Photography Workshop with us you can expect to learn everything to get you started from what you need get your camera up and running, through to shooting in manual modes. We cover off some compositional techniques as well whilst on location. Group sizes are small as well so you can make sure that you have plenty of time with us 1 on 1 during your workshop.

Workshops are one of our favourite aspects of photography. We get to do what we love, whilst out and about and passing on our passion.