Post Processing Workshops
Milford Sound with an orange sunset with beech trees in the foreground


Processing of photography is one of those tasks that people either love or hate. But unfortunately it is one of the necessary evils that come with photography. Applications such as Photoshop and Lightroom can seem light an endless pit of settings, controls and unknown terminology. That being said it doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

Why do we we process our images? When we shoot in Raw format the file type stores all available data that was taken when you shoot. This creates an image that includes all of the shadow detail and bright highlights, with everything in between. Images straight out of the image look ‘flat’ and appear to be desaturated. This actually is not the case, and in processing you have to retrieve the data stored in the file and bring it back out to access all of the detail captured.

It is a bit of a myth that processed images are fake and manipulated if you have to use Photoshop. Sure, you can absolutely use those applications to do that but that is not why we use them.

We have developed methods for processing our photography and achieving the best possible final image. Join us on a processing photography workshop to learn for yourself and get the most out of your photos.